Eucalyptus pilularis



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Blackbutt - grain

Blackbutt - ladies wearshop

Blackbutt (often referred to as Coastal Blackbutt to distinguish it from the tableland species) is one of the most common species of hardwood commercially available from the coastal forests of New South Wales.

It grows in the coastal forests of NSW from Bega on the south coast up to Maryborough in Queensland. It is a tall tree, up to 75 metres in height.

After a bushfire, the lower trunk of the tree is dramatically darkened hence the name blackbutt.

The timber has a colour ranging from a golden yellow through to pale browns. The colour range is subtle and is excellent where the colour requirement is light and neutral. The sapwood is distinctly lighter than the heartwood. Some material sourced from the northern part of its range may have a slightly pinkish tinge. The sapwood is not susceptible to lyctid borer attack.

Blackbutt is an extremely versatile timber with uses ranging from poles and sleepers through to decking, flooring and furniture. The heartwood is of Class 2 durability allowing external application. Blackbutt - properties