General Information

Jarrah grows in a variety of colours, ranging from light pink to chocolate brown.

The darker the colour the older the wood. Affected by where it grows the coastal Jarrah has a very different grain and colour to inland Jarrah.



General Characteristics

Physical:         Heavy, hard, strong (particularly crushing strength), and stiff with moderate dimensional stability in service.


Colour Rich dark reddish brown heartwood, often with gum veins and boat-shaped flecks. Paler reddish brown sapwood.


Pattern            :         Typically straight grained but often interlocked and wavy.


Relative Working Properties  

Machining:     Reduced cutting angle recommended for planing. Turns well. Pre-drilling required for screwing and nailing.


Fixing:             Fairly difficult to work due to hardness and density.


Bending:         Steam-bends moderately well.


Finishing:       Glues and finishes well. Highly decay resistant heartwood.