Eucalyptus diversicolor


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Karri is known as the giant tree of Western Australia, with examples in excess of 50 metres in height. It has quite rapid growth, and can attain enormous dimensions.

It is found in the higher rainfall areas in the south west of Western Australia, favouring light loamy soils of good depth.

The heartwood varies from rich reddish browns through to pale pinks with the sapwood being a clearly distinguishable light yellow. The texture is course and considerable interlocked grain may be a feature.


The heartwood is moderately durable (Class 3), with some restriction on the timbers use in exposed structural applications. The material is not easily worked, in part due to the interlocking grain and high density. It is used in a variety of applications including flooring, joinery, panelling, veneer, sleepers, shipbuilding, heavy construction and domestic structural framing.