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(Endospermum Spp.)

OTHER NAMES New Guinea Basswood

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Fiji and Papua New Guinea


CHARACTERISTICS: The timber creamy-white to pale yellow, assuming a straw colour after exposure. Texture is medium course but even. Grain is usually straight, bur sometimes interlocked and wavy, with a lustrous radial figure.

DURABILITY: Non durable.

STRENGTH: 3+ (on a scale of 10)

SEASONING: Dries easily and well both in the open and in the kiln. Low shrinkage.

WORKING QUALITIES: Easy to saw although sawn surfaces may show fibrous bands as a result of interlocked grain or tension wood. It takes nails and screws well, and can be glued, stained, polished or painted satisfactorily.


Kauvula is an excellent timber for fine mouldings, interior finishing, kitchen cabinets and furniture, joinery, stained panelling, etc. Ease of turning favours its use for items such as furniture legs, brush handles and similar items. Being straw to pale cream in colour, the timber is generally straight grained and fissile, although slightly interlocked grain can occur. Kauvula saws and machines easily in both the green and dry condition. Machined surfaces are generally very good. The natural pale colour enables a wide range of stains to be used effectively. Substitute for Ramin.