Radiata Pine forest in New Zealand

Radiata Pine forest in New Zealand..

Pinus Radiata

Radiata Pine

Pinus Radiata
Other Common name Monterey Pine

Radiata pine originated on the West Coast of North America and has since been planted widely in the world's south temperate zone. Large areas of plantation is grown in South Africa, Chile, New Zealand and Australia. The bulk of the material on the Australian market is sourced out of New Zealand. The species has been very successfully developed given its ease of propagation, rapid growth, adaptability to a wide range of soil conditions and its structural properties. The supply volume of this species is growing rapidly with New Zealand and Australia forecasting approximately doubling of available volumes within the next 10 - 15 years.

Timber Properties

Density (average)
800 kg/m3 green
450 kg/m3 dry
Durability Class 4
Strength Group
S6 green
SD6 dry
Hardness Rating(average)
2.2kN green
2.8kN dry

Heartwood is pale yellow-brown. Sapwood is wide and not always readily distinguishable from the heart wood. The texture is fine but uneven. Grain is usually straight except for a central core of approximately 100mm in diameter which has a pronounced spirality.

Shrinkage about 3 % radial and 4.5% tangential. The material is easy to work and nails satisfactorily. The wide sapwood band is readily treated with preservative chemicals so lends itself to a number of extrernal application as a treated product. Very commonly available in both untreated and treated timber in a wide range of sizes and profiles.

Applications : General construction, joinery, flooring, panelling, plywood, particleboard, fibreboard and paper. In its treated state it is used for decking, cladding, external trims, poles, piles, fencing and sleepers.