General Information 

A tall hardwood widely sought after for its timber and veneer, probably the most recognised of the African timber species in Australia. Commonly sold as a 'Mahogany' type timber. 

General Characteristics

Physical: Sapele is a relatively hard timber that is moderately durable. It has a fairly fine texture. 

Colour: Heartwood is a medium to dark reddish brown.

Pattern: The grain is interlocked or wavy and is characterised by a well defined striped figure on quartered surfaces.

Relative Working Properties   

Machining: Machines well although interlocking grain affects machining properties. 

 Weight of 620 kg m3 

Fixing: Excellent nailing, screwing and gluing properties. 

Finishing: Takes staining well and provides an excellent finishing timber. 

Uses Sapele is used in quality furniture, cabinet making and high class joinery. Can also be used for countertops, musical instruments and boat building.