Steamed European Beech






General Information 

A tall to medium sized hardwood that is found all across Central and Eastern Europe, it is steamed to make it more stable which gives the timber a pinkish tone. 

General Characteristics

Physical: A relatively heavy timber, European Beech is also strong, hard and tough due to its inherent resistance to abrasion though it has a low external durability, it can be impregnated with preservatives.


Colour: Naturally a pinkish-brown to a reddish-brown.


Pattern : Beech timber has a fine and even texture with a straight grain. It also features a prominent figure that is defined by its clear growth rings and numerous rays. Most of the material available in Australia is flat cut revealing a flame pattern.


Relative Working Properties   

Machining: Contains excellent machining properties and works quite well, European Beech has an average density of 640 kg per m3. 

 Weight of 540 kg m3


Fixing: Only a fair resistance to splitting when nailing and screwing, pre-boring is advised. The timber does hold glue very well.


Bending: A renowned timber for its steam bending qualities which makes it an extremely versatile timber in many applications. 


Finishing: Stains well and takes a good polish.


Uses A versatile hardwood that can be used in a number of applications ranging from high end furniture components and architectural interiors to doors, kitchens, flooring and panelling.