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(Tectona Grandis)


Very Handsome Timber.

Very durable and strong.

Very Stable.

Veneers available.




COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Burma, Thailand, India (young plantations are in existence in a variety of countries around the world.)   


CHARACTERISTICS: The heartwood is dark golden–yellow darkening with exposure to brown or dark brown.  Sometimes figured with dark markings.  Can have a greenish tinge when freshly cut.  The timber is dull with an oily feel and has a unique scent when freshly cut.  The grain varies from straight to wavy depending on origin. The best teak comes from Burma being generally straight grained and uniformly golden. The texture is coarse and uneven. 

DURABILITY: Very durable

STRENGTH: 6.5 (on a scale of 10)

SEASONING: Dries slowly but well.

WORKING QUALITIES: Although working qualities can be variable, the timber generally works with moderate ease.  It can have a dulling effect on cutters but the timber is capable of a good finish. It turns well and can be glued, stained and polished. 

USES Boatbuilding, joinery, furniture and decking.